About Us

What is Ewe Felty Thing?

Ewe Felty Thing  (EFT) is a boutique wool shop based in Conwy, UK. We specialise in hand dyed yarns and fibres and also stock an extensive range of high quality commercial products.

We take great care in our sourcing and you won’t find us stocking yarns with an acrylic/manmade content higher than 25%.

We never stock products from companies who support or allow mulesing. 

Story and Staff

Ewe Felty Thing began many years ago under the guise of ‘Nikki’s Knitting’ as an outlet for Nikki Small’s woolly addiction, but didn’t get it’s true name until 2016.

Nikki has been obsessed with wool her entire adult life. She loves knitting, crochet, felting, spinning and dying, and although she had been attending and organising craft fairs for some time, her dream had always been to have a wool shop of her very own.

Amazingly, in 2018 she was given the opportunity to make that dream a reality and to create her very own woolly paradise in Llandudno.

Ewe Felty Thing is that dream, and Nikki has a huge amount of help from her friends and colleagues to make it happen.

Nikki Small is one of three directors of Ewe Felty Thing Ltd. She tends to have her head in the clouds a little and frequently get distracted by shiny things.

Wendy Collins is the second director of Ewe Felty Thing Ltd. Wendy is a crochet enthusiast and also the dyer behind Woo! handdyed yarns. She is the aesthetics expert at the shop, ensuring that all the yarns are organised in the most beautiful way possible and also does her very best to  make sure that Nikki behaves herself and doesn’t try to open a new venture every 2 weeks.

Helen Faulkner is the third director of Ewe Felty Thing Ltd and is the newest official member of the EFT team but has also been with Nikki since the very beginning. It was Helen that originally came up with the name Ewe Felty Thing! Helen is a knitter, crocheter and general craft enthusiast.

Come along and join us on our woolly adventure!