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New Year, New Groups

New Year, New Groups and New KALs/CALs! Happy New Year! Nikki here. I’m really excited to jump straight into 2022 with some colour and some fun! We are launching some new groups this year, as well as continuing with our established ones. You can now book online to join in with: The Craft and Coffee Club (in person on Fridays in Llandudno) The Zoom Group (online on Wednesdays via Zoom) The Supper Club (in person once a month on Wednesday evenings) The Crafty Lunch Bunch (in person once a month on Sundays) We are also reintroducing our monthly knit-a-longs (KALs)[…]Read More

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And Breathe!

…and breathe!! I know that for many of us, the last couple of years have been particularly difficult. I wanted to take a few minutes and just encourage you to stop and breathe. Wherever you are, whatever you are going through, you are doing the best that you can do. It’s ok to not be perfect. It’s ok to look after yourself and be kind. You need to treat yourself like a much-loved work in progress. You may be trying to follow a pattern, but actually, the best things come when we adapt them. Embrace your beautiful design features, rather[…]Read More

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Blog post cover - What goes into designing a knitting or crochet pattern?

Designing a pattern

Pattern designing I saw a post on a forum this week talking about how many people seem to get upset at paying for independently designed patterns. I thought I would share my response, as I feel that it is really important to understand the process involved. Being a knitwear or crochet designer does take a lot of effort if you are going to do it properly. You need to start by planning the idea, working out the gauge, often sketching and sampling different stitches. Then you make it once, noting everything, often linking back and redoing. When you’ve finished it,[…]Read More

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Blgo post cover - The wonder of wool

Wool is amazing!

Wool is Amazing! I guess being a wool shop, you’d assume we thought like that, but today I wanted to give you a few examples of why it truly is the most amazing material! It keeps you warm It keeps you cool It is breathable It is water resistant (especially with it’s natural lanolin) It is fire resistant It is 100% natural It is 100% biodegradable It is 100% renewable It is wrinkle resistant It is odour resistant It is naturally elastic It can be hard wearing It can be incredibly soft and drapery It is stain resistant It is[…]Read More

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