Key workers depicted as the superheroes they are. This image was created by Corryn Webb Illustration

Yarn Forwards – how we are trying to support our key workers.

Yarn Forwards – how we are trying to support our key workers. Today we’ve launched our Yarn Fowards campaign, and so I wanted to write a blog post about why we’re doing it. Yarn Forwards is our way of trying to support the mental health of our key workers throughout the coronavirus pandemic. At Ewe Felty Thing, we’re really focused on the mental health benefits of crafting. We know from our own experiences the hugely positive impact that can be had from crafting during difficult times. I (Nikki) started Ewe Felty Thing two years ago, but I have been crafting[…]Read More

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Happy New Year!

Hello! Happy New Year from Ewe Felty Thing! Sorry we’ve been a bit slow off the mark, but it’s still January, so that counts right? We’re launching a few new things this year, our monthly yarn clubs, and also our new monthly Knit and Crochet-a-longs! This means that each month we’re focusing on a different design for both knitting and crochet, which can be completed along with other Ewe Felty Thing friends. We’ve even launched our own facebook group just for the purpose! so why not pop over and join us for our online knitting natter and crochet chatter?  […]Read More

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