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Thoughtful Thursday 30/3/23

As a passionate knitter, crocheter and general wool enthusiast, I’ve always loved the sense of community that comes with these crafts. Over the years, I’ve been involved in local knitting groups, attended wool shows as a visitor and a vendor, run classes and connected with other artists and crafters online. There’s nothing quite like a community of knitters and crocheters, whether in person or online. When I opened my own yarn shop, one of the things I was most excited about was the opportunity to host my own knitting and crochet groups. I knew that I wanted to create a welcoming[…]Read More

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Tuesday Tips 28/3

Tuesday Tips 28/3 – Gauge! The Dreaded Gauge Swatch! Ok, let’s talk about the most thrilling topic in all of knitting and crochet: gauge.  I know, I know, it’s like the broccoli of the fiber world – not the most exciting thing on the menu (and I’m someone who enjoys broccoli!). But trust me, getting your gauge right can make all the difference. So what is gauge?  It’s basically the number of stitches and rows per inch that you create when you knit or crochet a sample swatch using a specific yarn and needle or hook size. Why is gauge[…]Read More

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Thoughtful Thursday 22/3/23

Thoughtful Thursday – Motivation in knitting and crochet This week I wanted to talk a bit about motivation in knitting and crochet. In my Woolbert’s Flock group, we have a monthly Q&A session, and this time the main question was about finding the motivation for your projects. I thought that this was really interesting, because the general assumption is that everyone wants to be working on their knitting and crochet all the time; but as with everything, your interests come and go, and also it has a lot to do with your mental health and where you are personally at any given[…]Read More

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New Year, New Groups

New Year, New Groups and New KALs/CALs! Happy New Year! Nikki here. I’m really excited to jump straight into 2022 with some colour and some fun! We are launching some new groups this year, as well as continuing with our established ones. You can now book online to join in with: The Craft and Coffee Club (in person on Fridays in Llandudno) The Zoom Group (online on Wednesdays via Zoom) The Supper Club (in person once a month on Wednesday evenings) The Crafty Lunch Bunch (in person once a month on Sundays) We are also reintroducing our monthly knit-a-longs (KALs)[…]Read More

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