Designing a pattern

Pattern designing

I saw a post on a forum this week talking about how many people seem to get upset at paying for independently designed patterns. I thought I would share my response, as I feel that it is really important to understand the process involved.

Being a knitwear or crochet designer does take a lot of effort if you are going to do it properly.

You need to start by planning the idea, working out the gauge, often sketching and sampling different stitches. Then you make it once, noting everything, often linking back and redoing. When you've finished it, you then need to check you're happy with it. If not, start again and tweak!

Next, you write up the pattern from your notes, including using chart software for any colour work or lace sections. After that, you send it to a tech editor who will check the pattern through, help size it if you're designing a garment, etc. (They need to be paid before you sell anything!) Then you move on to testing and send it out to volunteers or paid testers. There may need to be a final few tweaks to the pattern as your testers work through it, so it goes back to the tech editor for a final check.

Finally, you need to do the photoshoot, sort the layout, and either list the pattern online, get it printed, or both!

It is a lot of work but I absolutely love doing it, and it is so worth it to see others enjoying your work! ❤

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