Merry Monday!

Nikki Small

Merry Monday! – Nikki Small

Good morning from a slightly murky September day in Colwyn Bay. As I sit and write, the house is quiet for the first time in about 7 weeks, with all my children now back in school and college. The dogs are a bit bemused and keep wandering around and looking at the front door, expecting the kids to all bounce back in. They’re going to find it a long day!

photograph from Nikki's window in Colwyn Bay showing grey clouds over fields.

But with the return to school, comes a renewed ability to write!

Things will have seemed a bit quiet on the Ewe Felty Thing side since the closure of our Llandudno shop in June. I have been working on a lot of things in the background, but have needed to take a break from the social media side of the business.

As I’m sure many of you will understand, it’s very easy to get overwhelmed with the ‘I need to post’ or ‘I have to mail my list’ side of things. Having this break has really helped me to refocus on what I want Ewe Felty Thing to be, and how I want to make a difference.

My dream is still to create a welcoming and inspiring space where people can come to learn, to find community and support, and to get the very best materials to create incredible things.

That dream hasn’t gone away.

Ewe Felty Thing will be back in physical form one day.

For the moment, though, we need to concentrate on creating these things virtually. We have made a start, with Craftucation, Woolbert’s Flock and our web shop. There are still many things that need done to improve the offering, but I know that we can make Ewe Felty Thing everything we want it to be.

So this is me saying welcome to September, and a new start.

Lets look forward and enjoy all the colours and creativity that Autumn brings!

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