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What's included A 100g skein of a 'standard' sock yarn, suitable for making socks or any other project you fancy. The base will be a wool or wool/nylon blend and hand dyed by one of our house dyers. Postage and packing are included. This package contains everything in the Sock Club but means that you will get some extra goodies as well! This could be anything from stitch markers to mini-skeins to chocolate, and will always be a surprise. This is the luxury yarn club. You will receive 100g of a luxury yarn base, hand dyed by one of our lovely dyers. These could include any luxury fibre, such as silk, yak, cashmere, mohair etc. I wouldn't recommend these for socks, but they make amazing shawls or other projects! This box contains the same yarn as the 'Luxury Yarn Club' but gives you the added bonus of a treat along with it! This could be anything from a co-ordinating mini skein to stitch markers, or even some choccies, and it will always be a surprise. This is the yarn equivalent of a hot chocolate with cream and marshmallows!

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