Natural Fibres Only

Natural fibres only.

Hey everyone! Today I thought I'd talk a bit about how we source our products.

Before I get started, there is absolutely a place for acrylic yarns, and I know that others are able to take a different stance on some of this. For us though, these are really important guidelines that we follow, and I'll explain why.

Natural fibres only.

Here at EFT we only stock natural fibres or those with, at most, a 25% nylon or acrylic content. We feel really strongly that we need to protect the environment that we live in and that we need to create as little an impact on it as possible.

We want our yarns to degrade away naturally as the animals and plants they come from do; and not to release micro-plastics into the water.

We feel that the experience of crafting your item is heightened through using quality materials and that it also adds to the creative process, as well as the emotional and mental benefits you gain when you use items that you understand the provenance of and that you know will make your project look the best it can.

When you are spending 30+ hours on something, you want to enjoy every minute of it both during and after its creation.

Welfare (animals specifically)

We really love wool. like really really! We think it is the most incredible substance and love how versatile it is. We want to ensure that any wool in our store (or other animal fibre) comes from animals who have been kept at high standards of welfare.

**We will not stock any brand that participates in mulesing.**

Not just the yarn in question, but any of their other products either. If we are unsure or unable to verify the sourcing then we err on the side of caution and will not stock that brand.

When you buy your yarns (and fibres) from EFT, you know that they will be sourced using these values, so that you can make the most of your creativity without needing to worry about the sourcing.

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