Frogtastic FUNdraiser

Who is up for some new, exciting yarn and goodies?

These froggies here are new members of the FeltyFamily. They are bringing me (Nikki) and my family a lot of joy, and more than a bit of faff! You can follow their journey on Facebook and Instagram or by searching for Arnold the Dart Frog.

Why fundraising?

An image of frogs and a mobility scooter
My frogs and the scooter I’m raising money for.

For those of you who don’t know me, my name is Nikki Small and I’m the founder of Ewe Felty Thing. I’ve been suffering with ME/CFS for 20 years now, and my abilities have been up and down in that time. Over the last year I’ve been struggling more and more, and since February, my health has taken a dramatic downturn and I’m now mostly housebound again, unable to walk far and relying on my partner or friends to push me in a wheelchair or paying to hire a scooter for a couple of hours for a little freedom.

I would very much like to have a scooter of my very own to retain some independence and be able to continue to get out and about with my kids. I’m very grateful that I live in an adapted house with a wet room and a through-floor lift, but I am really struggling with not being able to do simple things like pop out for a pint of milk. I don’t want to ask for handouts or charity – I want to fund it myself and know that I’ve earnt it.

To that end, I’m creating this new range of products as a fundraiser so that I can get my very own scooter. I’ve found the one I want (I have seen it outside our local mobility store with balloons on it and keep going ooooh whenever I drive past!) It’s a Vista DX in Sunset Orange (check out the pic!) – it has around 50km of range and a really comfy seat – enough that I can keep up with my kids, or even manage to make it back to yarn shows again! It even comes to pieces easily to fit into the boot!

So – how is the fundraiser going to work?

There will be a number of different frog related products added to this category over time. You simply choose the one you would like and purchase, and all profits from the sale will go straight into the Scooter Pot.

If you’d like to help but don’t love frogs as much as we do, we’re really really grateful for your support and would like to let you know that you can buy Nikki (and Arnold) a ‘Coffee’ to help towards the mobility scooter at

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