Ewe Felty Thing

Hi! I’m Nikki Small, and I run Ewe Felty Thing.
I started knitting as a teenager, and just never stopped. Over the years this has turned into a love of all things woolly, and I began crocheting, spinning and felting.

After moving to Llandudno in 2015, I was lucky enough to meet Ann (who ran Promise Art and Craft) and started attending craft fairs and renting a shelf to display my work. In 2017, I began dyeing my own wool. It was the natural progression and I found that I absolutely love it!

My yarns are all hand painted, spread out in skeins on my kitchen table (which is now rather colourful!) and as such are dyed in batches of about 4. I am really enjoying coming up with new colourways and trying out new techniques.
The opportunity to open Ewe Felty Thing as an actual shop within Promise Art and Crafts came in February 2018, and eventually taking over the entire shop in November 2018.

I hope that you enjoy being in this woolly haven as much as I do, and that it helps you to find your love for all things woolly too!

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Showing all 3 results