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Felting Needles for all your Needs!

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We stock 10 different felting needles to cover all your needs. Please see the list below to help you choose which one is right for your project.

  • 19 Gauge Triangular - for very coarse fibres.
  • 20 Gauge Reverse - for creating 'fur' effects in very coarse fibres.
  • 32 Gauge Triangular - for medium/coarse fibres.
  • 32 Gauge Reverse - for creating 'fur' effects in medium/coarse fibres.
  • 36 Gauge Triangular - Suitable for most felting work. This is the 'standard' size of felting needle.
  • 38 Gauge Crown - for doll work, or work where only the tip of the needle is required.
  • 38 Gauge Star - four sides for faster felting.
  • 38 Gauge Triangular - for medium/fine fibre.
  • 40 Gauge Triangular - for very fine fibres.
  • 40 Gauge Reverse - for creating 'fur' effects in very fine fibres.

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Felting Needle

19 Gauge Triangular, 20 Gauge Reverse, 32 Gauge Triangular, 32 Gauge Reverse, 36 Gauge Triangular, 38 Gauge Triangular, 38 Gauge Crown, 38 Gauge Star, 40 Gauge Triangular, 40 Gauge Reverse


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