Adriafil Matita

Double Knit (DK)


The yarn itself is delightfully soft, perfect for wearing against skin.

The meterage is truly awesome, 240 metres on the ball, so only 4 balls are needed for a sweater ! (This is based on size 12 – 14)


Like the Mediterranian countries where the colours in the landscape sing in the sun these bright beauties add colour to any wardrobe, whatever the season or weather!

The yarn produces broad bands of colour which gently merge into each other creating fascinating shades between colour shifts, interspersed with splashes of pale where the fibre mix has affected the dye absorption giving a delicate marled effect against the rich pigments.

Additional information


40 Delicato, 41 Natura, 42 Verdiearanci, 43 Oceano, 44 Petroliosusina, 45 Arcobaleno

Commercial Brand


Fibre Type

Cotton, Hemp

Product Type

Commercial Yarn

Yarn Weight

Double Knit/DK Weight


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