Hand Dyed Fleece and locks

Anne Murray


Anne Murray is a textile artist based in North Wales. Her fibre is all hand prepared and dyed by herself.

Add some vibrancy to your next spinning or felting project with these colours and textures!



Anne-Murray - hand-dyed fibre.

The wonderful Anne Murray and her daughter Katherine McGuire have been working together for a long time as textile artists forming Mam a Mi. Recently they separated their work to make it easier for us in the shop, so these items have all been dyed by Anne Murray.

Anne is a spinner, dyer, and generally amazing lady who lives in North Wales. Her dyeing and fleece preparation is always spot-on.

These fleeces and locks are all hand prepared and packed. Where there are multiples of a particular colourway, please be advised that there will be slight variations in the colours in each packet, both in intensity and in quantity. Due to the nature of the dye process it is impossible to create two identical packs, however they will all work together nicely for any spinning or felting project.


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Purple Teeswater, Hot Pink/Purple Teeswater, Autumnal Romney, Turquoise/green/blue Teeswater Cross, Blue Wensleydale X Merino, Pink Wensleydale X Merino, Blue Teeswater Cross, Autumnal Teeswater Locks, Teal/Yellow Teeswater Locks, Pink Llyn Shearling, Pink Romney, Red/Pink Cotswold, Purple/Pale Pink Teeswater, Purple Gotland, Hot Pink/Purple Teeswater Cross, Blue Romney, Green/Yellow Teeswater, Coloured Corriedale, Ryland/Bluefaced Leicester Cross

Indie Dyer

Anne Murray

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Corriedale, Cotswold, Gotland, Llyn, Merino, Romney, Teeswater, Wensleydale

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