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Thanks for checking out my Frogtastic Yarny FUNdraiser!

I’m hand dying some Dart Frog inspired colourways just for you, so please check out the details at the bottom of the page to know what, or who, to pick!




Who is up for some new, exciting yarn?

These froggies here are new members of the FeltyFamily. They are bringing me (Nikki) and my family a lot of joy, and more than a bit of faff! You can follow their journey on Facebook and Instagram or by searching for Arnold the Dart Frog.

So, how does it work?

I'm hand dyeing all the yarns to order in batches and will be posting out the first ones at the end of May, so this listing is a pre-order!

You get to pick exactly what you would like from your yarn. First pick the frog on which the colourway will be based, then the yarn base you'd like, and finally which dyeing style you would like.

Colour choices: (Check out the froggy pictures for ideas!)
Arnold - Orange, black/brown and teal
Lister - Lime green, turquoise, black, some bright greeny yellow.
Cat - Deep yellow, blue, grey, black.
Rainforest - Vibrant greens, reds and pinks.

Yarn choices:
Standard sock - 75%merino, 25% nylon. £20/skein
Sparkle sock - 75% merino, 20% nylon, 5% stellina. £20/skein
Yak silk singles* - 65% merino, 15% yak, 20% silk - £22/skein
Camel silk* - 50% baby camel, 50% silk £25/skein
*These yarns will have a more faded appearance due to the effect the coloured bases have on the dye.

Dye style You can choose whether you would like your yarn 'Space Dyed' (where there are sections of each colour spaced around the skein) or whether you would like it to be 'Marbled' (the colours will be placed in small random patches so that there is less pooling and a more overall variegation).

Other ways to show your support

So you'd like to help but don't love frogs as much as we do? We're really really grateful and would like to let you know that you can buy Nikki (and Arnold) a 'Coffee' to help towards the mobility scooter at

Thank you so much!!

About Arnold the Dart Frog

Arnold is an awkward little tadpole.

S/He stowed away with some other tadpoles who were coming to live with me and my family. They were Ranitameya Variabilis Southern- commonly known as 'Zimmerman's frogs'. I'm a life-long Red Dwarf fan, and cannot hear the word Zimmer without singing 'Arnold, Arnold, Arnold Rimmer..' so my tadpole was named Arnold.

After a while, it became evident that whilst the other tadpoles were getting lovely green colouring, Arnold was going distinctly orange. We contacted the breeder and were told there must have been a mix-up, but he was 90% sure that Arnold was actually a Ranitameya Fantastica Varadero. So we dutifully got him/her a friend (Holly) and started setting up a 2nd tank.

After another little while, as Holly gained more colouring, it became evident once again that although also orange, his/her patterning was very different to that of Arnold. It turns out that Arnold is magic frog species number 3! Ranitameya Benedicta Shukushuyaku, commonly known as the 'Blessed Frog'. S/He is now happily becoming a froglet and has yet another friend, Kryten, for company. Holly has been accompanied by Cat, and Ace and Lister are now in with the Zimmermans!


Additional information

Indie Dyer

Ewe Felty Thing

Fibre Type

Camel, Merino, Nylon, Silk, Stellina Sparkle, Yak

Product Type

Project Bags

Yarn Weight

4ply/Fingering Weight


Arnold, Cat, Lister, Rainforest

Yarn Type

Camel Silk, Sparkle Sock, Standard Sock, Yak Singles

Dye Style

Marble Dyed, Space Dyed


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