Wild WiPs Journal

by Nikki Small


The Wild WiPs Journal – Helping you track your knitting and crochet projects.

This journal has been created by our very own Nikki Small and designed to help stop your WiPs (works in progress) from becoming UFOs (unfinished objects.)


***This book will be ready to ship within 2 weeks of ordering, as it is sometimes printed to order. ***


The Wild WiPs Journal has been written by our very own Nikki Small.

Wild WiPs is a knitting and crochet journal to help you track your WiPs (Works in Progress). This journal has space to track 30 projects, providing details for each on yarns, pattern details, hook or needle size and much more. Each project has 3 additional note pages - one lined, one dotted and one blank - so that you can easily track row numbers, stitch counts, or even stick in a photograph of your FO (Finished Object) so that you can go back and recreate it again later if needed.

Complete with glossaries of common crochet and knitting terms, details on how to work out your WPI (Wraps per Inch) and more, this journal should really help you to make the most of your knitting and crochet projects.

We all have UFOs (Un-Finished Objects) sitting around which we have forgotten details about, such as the hook we were using, or which size we were making, or even what the pattern was! This journal should help you track all of those details and more. Created by Nikki Small, founder of Ewe Felty Thing, this journal is designed to help those who, like her, often have more than one project on the go.

Get back your knitting and crochet mojo with the Wild WiPs Journal!


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