Yarn Weight Information

Yarn Weights

This chart is here to help you understand yarn weights and WPI to get the best out of your yarn.

We know it's really important to be able to understand what weight your yarn is. There are so many different ways of describing them and it can get confusing between brands and types, or if you're trying to work out how to best use a skein of handspun yarn.

Standard yarn weights are measured differently in different countries and there is a lot of variation! We hope that this information will help you work out which yarn you're buying, as well as any you already have in your stash.

Wraps per inch are a really important way to help you work out which weight of yarn you have, and how it compares to other yarns that you are using in a particular project. If you would like to watch a video demonstration of how to work out your wraps per inch, you can find it at the bottom of this page.

This table was compiled by our very own Wendy, and shows the ranges of yarn weights and how they compare. We hope it helps! If you would like to download a .pdf of this table to keep and use, you can do so here:

Wraps per inch video.